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Title: (So We Could Start It) All Over Again
Fandom: Bandom (Fall Out Boy)
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~7k.
Characters/Pairings: Pete/Patrick.

Summary: Pete is Patrick's escort when Patrick's not busy being a superstar producer and Pete's not busy worrying about his failing band. When Patrick hires Pete to help a struggling group in the studio and stops hiring him for sex, can they adjust to their roles changing, or will they go their separate ways when the album's finished?

Notes: My second of two stories for akamine_chan's fanworks auction; thanks to sperrywink for the donation and the detailed prompt (and sorry for taking so long!), and thanks to faildamaged for the beta. Title's from One Direction's Over Again.

Also on AO3.

(So We Could Start It) All Over Again )
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Title: And highways I call home
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy)
Rating: R.
Length: ~7k.
Characters/Pairings: Mikey/Patrick.

Summary: When Mikey joins Fall Out Boy on tour for a couple weeks, he finds out all kinds of surprising things about Patrick. That he's a werewolf is pretty low on the list.

Notes: This was written for [personal profile] akamine_chan's fanworks auction (and my deepest apologies to [personal profile] lucifuge5 for going so far over the projected finish date, oops). The story's set loosely in summer 2014, with some liberties taken for creative reasons/because I felt like it. Title's from MCR's Summertime also because I felt like it.

Additional content notes: Mildly spoilery. )

Also on AO3.

And highways I call home )


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