Jun. 18th, 2013

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Title: red, gold, and blue
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance)
Rating: NC-17.
Length: About 1500 words.
Characters/Pairings: Mikey/Gerard/Frank.

Summary: Mikey knows Gerard's ideological reasons for posing in alpha/beta erotica with his brother. He doesn't get the rest of the reasons until he sees the hot photographer.

Notes: This is all [personal profile] cee_m's fault.

For bandom readers: This is a Neckz 'n' Throatz AU, which is a Teen Wolf fanon universe. Which means this is a bandom AU of a Teen Wolf AU. (The beauty of sharing multiple fandoms with people!) Luckily, all you need to know is in the story. And really, porn, so who cares about the details?

(I may or may not write the sequel where Mikey does Frank a favor and poses with the hot human model when one of his other models falls through. But believe me, it would only be for time reasons and not because I don't want to get Ray in the mix.)

For Teen Wolf readers/everyone: Yeah, I don't know either. The sex scenes aren't fully negotiated on-screen, but they are fully consensual.

Also on Ao3.

red, gold, and blue )


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