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[community profile] trope_bingo 2012 card post.

handcuffed / bound together de-aged cross-dressing telepathy / mindmeld poker/strip poker
au: hooker / porn / stripper au: college / highschool sex pollen food porn au: apocalypse
au: daemons time travel FREE

animal transformation accidental baby acquisition
secret relationship amnesia virginfic / secretly a virgin fusion immortality / reincarnation
game night au: fantasy fuck or die snowed in day at the beach

Posted fills (card 1)
For "food porn": Date Night, Teen Wolf, Allison/Lydia.
For the free square (college AU): The Drive Back Home, Les Misérables, Éponine/Cosette.
For "game night": Game On, Panic! at the Disco, Ryan/Brendon.
For "poker/strip poker": A Good Bet, Elementary, gen.
For "amnesia": Tonight belongs to me, Teen Wolf, Scott/Stiles.