Oct. 31st, 2013

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Title: forever's gonna start tonight
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: NC-17
Length: About 8k.
Characters/Pairings: OT5 (Liam/Louis/Harry/Zayn/Niall).

Content notes: Contains spoilers. )

Summary: It's a vampire release form, "removing liability from all parent companies" should Liam get all his blood sucked out. Or: Liam's a human who just wants to take care of his vampires, X Factor era.

Author's notes: Written for the bloodplay square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. While this is an AU, and I've purposely played with events and characters because I could, I did consult this X Factor timeline and watch a bunch of clips from the show on YouTube. (Although I didn't actually see Total Eclipse of the Heart until I had the story half-written. I didn't even know they did a Halloween performance on the show in advance, much less to that theme!)

I checked the underage tag because, well, X Factor era. A more extended look at content can be found in the end notes.

Also on AO3.

forever's gonna start tonight )


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